Yuba and Magna Sawsmith Radial Arm Saws For Sale

This ad from 1961 hows the Add-A-Tool bracket that allows the Sawsmith to power the entire range of Shopsmith SPT's (Single Purpose Tools) like the Bandsaw, Jointer and Belt Sander.

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Adam Baker said...

I'll be digging out my Magna Sawsmith 700000 from storage in the coming days. Considering it hasn't seen a lot of use in the last decade it will probably be for sale. It's in nice running and cosmetic condition(subject to verification). Any thoughts on what a reasonable asking price would be? Located in southern California. Could help with transportation, for a reasonable fee, to anyone from about San Diego to L.A. Would consider more distant location if you are kind and compensation is agreeable. Please advise. Any interested parties are free to contact me directly as well.


Amanda Moore said...

I have the same question on the same model as far as an asking price. I'm located in palm desert, not sure of working condition it's been in my grandpas shed for years.