Fun With A Saw. The SawSmith Owners Bible

In 1953 R.J. De Cristoforo's first Shopsmith related book, "Power Tool Woodworking For Everyone" which set the standard that all other woodworking books have been judged by ever since. In 1961 De Cristoforo went back into the shop, but this time he dedicated his attention to the then-new SawSmith Radial Arm Saw. The results are the cult classic Fun With A Saw: Radial Arm Saw Woodworking for Everyone. (Link leads to Amazon listing for FWAS)

This book occasionally becomes available on eBay, so unless you are desperate for a copy you might want to wait for one to go to auction, otherwise get ready to spend upwards to $100 on Amazon. Here's a link to Fun With A Saw on eBay.

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